the buzzword of the new millenium

... but it's so much more than that. E-commerce lets you open the doors of your store to the global market while staying local. verizonwebhost.com harnesses the power of e-commerce and delivers it to you in a package that is easy to understand and use. With your verizonwebhost.com hosting account, you have several options for entering the e-commerce world. Here are some of the possibilities:

ecBuilder (click here)
ecBuilder allows merchants to build professional looking multi-page web sites including marketing messages and a product/service catalog, complete with pictures or graphics files and company logo. Easy as point and click! When you purchase a verizonwebhost.com Gold or Silver package, you get your very own copy of ecBuilder readily accessible from your Website Control Panel.
e-xact Transactions (click here)
Whether you are a company in need of a server to handle your ever-increasing e-business or a Web Storefront in search of a quick payment process, E-xact Transactions Ltd. provides you with the tools needed to make your transactions reliable, secure and cost-effective. E-xact Merchant Transaction Servers deliver the best-of-breed developer toolkits, powerful encryption capabilities and automated merchant services to our clients. And E-xact's Merchant Accounts offer a variety of features such as Real-Time credit card transactions.
InternetSecure (click here)
InternetSecure Inc. is the leading Canadian company in providing secure, on-line real-time transaction processing from merchant web sites. In addition, InternetSecure is approved by five financial institutions in Canada and the United States to offer Internet merchant status for Visa, Mastercard and American Express to Internet merchants in both Canadian and U.S. dollars.

They have been in production since 1996, processing tens of thousands of transactions per month for their merchants, from consumers/businesses in 132 countries. InternetSecure provides you with the necessary tools to process secure, real time transactions over the Internet and collect payments from your clients.